Why Choose Us

Why Choose Dhruva Creation

There are thousands of companies out there with a wide range of capability and competency, and you need to know that you are selecting the right company.

Why Us?

Founded with the mission to do custom software development the right way, we've got some of the best developers. We back this up with commitment to quality, superb project management and total dedication to customer service.
We are extremely efficient and 100% reliable - we do exactly what we say we will, on time, without fail!


Dhruva Creation is an organisation that prides itself on quality. We believe that only by getting things right first time, are we able to offer you true value for money and peace of mind, while still delivering on time and to budget. Our emphasis on quality is what wins us glowing testimonials and repeat business, from customers who demand the very highest standards. We put quality at the heart of everything we do, to ensure that we continually meet our exceptionally high standards.

Customer Service

Dhruva Creation offers a truly exceptional level of customer service throughout our business. Our goal is to be a true development partner over the course of a long-term relationship, rather than just a supplier, and this affects everything we do. Our staff look to add value to your business at all times, rather than unthinkingly following a specification. The unparalleled level of service we offer is just one of the reasons why our customers come back to us again and again.

Agile Methodology

There are many different ways of running a software project and at Dhruva Creation we’ve encountered most of them. Often we need to fit in with our customers’ preferences or established methodologies and, in keeping with our versatile and flexible approach, we’re well equipped to do so. We usually recommend an Agile approach for most projects, based around the concept of short development cycles ("sprints"). Each sprint ends with a fully tested release to the customer. This release is then reviewed and used to assign priorities for the next sprint.